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Octane5's Mike Dunn Presents at 2024 SPLiCE Brand Oasis Licensors Summit

Feb. 15, 2024 |


The Octane5 team recently had the opportunity to attend the 2024 SPLiCE Brand Oasis Licensors Summit in Charlotte, North Carolina. The event was hosted in the North American headquarters for major appliance manufacturing company and Octane5 client Electrolux. The conference itself had presentations from major companies such as Amazon, Disney, Caterpillar, Monster, and more. Topics discussed included, best industry practices, sustainability, AI, case studies, and more! 

During the summit, Octane5's own Mike Dunn had the opportunity to present on the impact counterfeit goods have on our water supply, and why is it essential to buy authentic products. He also provided insight on what is important to today's buyers, citing that sustainability is rapidly becoming one of the most important factors when it comes to the decisions consumers make.