Licensee Express Automation Platform


LEAP currently includes the following three Plug-Ins:


Team Out


Key Features & Benefits

Automated Logo Placement

Automatically place and scale team logos on any design quickly and accurately.

Step 1: Set Your Criteria:  
a). Secondary Full Color Logo  
b). Center Chest  
c). 8 sq. inches  
d). Color Way - White Bkgd  

Step 2: Set up 1 version

Step 3: Select "Team Out"

All your versions are done in seconds!

Guaranteed Design Accuracy  

LEAP automatically pulls the correct logos, colors, verbiage and trademarks directly from the current asset database. No more human errors! Your submissions will always be accurate.

Automated Typesetting

Automatically place and format appropriate team names, cities, trademarks, and more into your design. 

Automate the:  
a) City Name  
b) Color Combo  
c) Arc Percentage

Flexible and Extendable

Works with multiple logos, graphic positions, and garment views. 

Automated Design Submission Pages

Automatically generate licensing submission, and production art documents, complete with Pantone colors and graphic measurements for factories. 

Digital Sample Production

Automatically and quickly generates photo-realistic digital samples of sports-licensed products. (3D images – coming soon!)

LEAP (Licensee Express Automation Platform) is a licensee design tool that dramatically reduces design time, eliminates the need for outsourced work, and allows businesses to grow without having to expand their graphic design team. LEAP is a set of plugins for Adobe Illustrator designed specifically to automate the creation of sports licensing graphics. Simply create a design for one team, and LEAP replicates that design across all the other teams in the league or conference. LEAP drastically speeds up the design process and ensures consistent accuracy for all designs across all products.

LEAP will eventually be fully integrated into the BrandComply suite to allow for seamless transfer of designs within LEAP to the licensors site in BrandComply.

You have to see LEAP for yourself to understand all it can do for your business. Contact us today to set a virtual demo or meeting at an upcoming event.

"LEAP really helped us scale our team apparel business to work with 4 major North American pro sports leagues, plus dozens of NCAA schools across the country. Without LEAP, we'd have easily needed double the amount of people in order to achieve our growth. And we've eliminated mistakes in the process because most of the graphic design is now automated."

Morris Dabah, President of Team Apparel, O5 Group

"The LEAP automation system freed the creative people to be able to do what they do best: be creative and not be bogged down with tasks and manual labor. Not only did we increase our productivity, we also reduced our spending and eliminated outsourcing. I highly recommend LEAP for sports-licensed-based production environments."

Basak Gunaydin, Former VP Of Design, Outerstuff LLC