Track & Trace

A security label on your product holds greater value if it provides actionable business intelligence. Octane5 has a history of constant innovation to ensure our clients use that data to maximize effective decision-making.  

Knowing your business is our business

Octane5 goes beyond what other firms do by offering a unique approach to "track and trace". Instead of simply looking up a serial number and verifying its authenticity, Octane5 works closely with its clients to understand the complex relationships between Brand, Manufacturer, and Supply Chain. This results in actionable data that provides more than just a simple Yes/No response. The data may include: 

  • Diversion protection 
  • Contract compliance 
  • Gray market risk 
  • Supply chain movement 
  • Authentication 

BrandComply is the center of our world-class solutions

Octane5's BrandComply™ is a proprietary application developed by a team of dedicated in-house developers. It collates data from multiple sources and provides meaningful results that are easy to understand.  

Deciphering a large amount of data can be overwhelming and time-consuming. However, with the help of BrandComply™ and its iOS app, you can conveniently organize the data to suit your needs, making it easier to make quick and effective decisions, whether working at your desk or out in the field. 

Know where it happens, when it happens 

With real-time visibility into the movement of goods throughout the supply chain, brands can identify WHERE and WHEN counterfeiting and diversion occur. With each scan of the Verity™ security label, BrandComply can geolocate where a scan takes place and provide street-level views as if you were standing right there. 

Track and trace data can also analyze patterns and identify potential counterfeit hotspots, allowing brands to focus their anti-counterfeiting efforts more effectively. Each scan matches the collected information against the terms of the manufacturer’s agreement and identifies potential red flags. Combined with heatmap reporting, BrandComply instantly pinpoints areas requiring additional scrutiny and analysis.  


Actionable data at your fingertips 

With the BrandComply app, you don’t need to be at your desk to get data. Through the use of permission-based logins, your team can have mobile access to the data that pertains to their responsibilities. 

Customs? We have a solution for them, too. Our Customs app allows border-based law enforcement to verify the authenticity of goods as they cross borders. Brand owners can control the level of information available for access. Authenticate your goods. Verify the Bill of Lading. Get your products across borders quickly and securely with Octane5.