Every great brand relies on authenticity to safeguard consumer confidence. Imagine locking in that trust by making your customers part of the solution.

Leading brands build loyal customers through designing and delivering products that change the world. Yet all the effort placed into product design, messaging, sustainability can be lost if consumers cannot verify what they are buying is legitimate. In a world of fakes, give your consumers a way to authenticate their purchase, and at the same time provide your team with a fresh channel of communication, engagement and business insights.


By empowering your consumers with the ability to authenticate, you drive interaction with your brand. Gain powerful insights about your customer base and products, whilst delivering brand messaging and enhanced performance. The data captured through our analytics platform is tailored to your brand goals, and can be used to drive insights and outcomes across your business, for product, quality, marketing, sales, enforcement, and compliance teams.


Deliver confidence to your consumer that product is legitimate.


Confirm product and purchase data, retailer, and region.


Capture consumer sentiment, product feedback, and more.


Drive retail traffic, measure social media exposure, and incentivise consumers.


Gather data and insights. Analyse, report, and act across your business.

Marking your products with Verity Micro-Optics is your ultimate defense

  • Data Intelligence
  • Opportunities to Enforce + Engage
  • Digital Validation
  • Physical Authentication

Data Analytics = Results

By giving each product a digital identity with a Verity smart label, you can gain complex insights through our BrandComply dashboard:

  • Origin of products
  • Route of products
  • Product data
  • Reporting Tools
  • Scans and locations
  • Manufacturer activity and analysis
  • Scan data collection
  • Real-time heat mapping
  • Enforcement toolkit
  • Quality feedback
  • Partner analysis
  • Partner sentiment

Distinguish Yourself

Verity™ on every product!
That label/tag is your consumer's seal of assurance. Empower them!

Each Verity™ tag and label is serialized with a unique QR code, serial number & check digit. Your built-in touch point with your consumer to engage and activate!


When Octane5 pioneered the concept of marketing-based security, it was based on years of experience in consumer marketing and a deep understanding of the licensing industry and consumer engagement.

Consumer marketing is NOT simply pointing a QR code at a website. Delivering a connection point is only the beginning. It's all that happens after that connection that makes the Octane5 platform unique.

Want to share your sustainability message? Done!
What to gain consumer brand perception insights? Done!
Want to measure licensee quality? Done!
Want to deliver a fun and rewarding experience to your consumer? Again, done!

The Octane5 team delivers a turnkey consumer engagement program.

What we do for you:

  • Discovery and Consultation
  • Creative Services
  • Program Strategy and Management
  • Physical Prize Fulfillment
  • Sweepstakes Administration
  • Ongoing Consultation

Platform Features:

  • Content Delivery Engine
  • Consumer Survey Tool
  • Scratch and Win Game
  • Prize Delivery Engine
  • Data Analytics
  • Reporting Dashboard