Save Brandy

Meet Brandy

Say hello to our hapless yet fun-loving damsel in distress! We find Brandy in all sort of situations, and it’s up to the Octane5 team to saver her. As an allegory for your own brand, she needs constant protection and monitoring (after all, she is a goldfish).

Is your brand at risk?

If it’s valuable enough to license, it’s valuable enough to counterfeit.

Single-Source Integrated Licensing

At Octane5, we put the lockdown on your brand — from contract to consumer. Our industry-leading licensing platform integrates your contracts, compliance, digital assets, approvals and royalties into one streamlined monitoring hub that helps protect the world’s largest and most-recognized brands.


Micro-optic lens technology. Sounds technical? Well it is! Micro optics technology is used to protect some of the world?s most valuable banknotes and has been proven resistant to the highest forms of counterfeiting attacks for over a decade. We leverage this technology into hang tags and labels to help authenticate the world?s leading brands. Best of all, it?s cost-effective while delivering far more security than those shiny hologram stickers!


Distinguish your products with a Verity Label.

Micro-optic technology, by Crane Currency, is a key feature within the $100 bill, and is becoming the primary security feature in bank notes around the world.

Why is that? First, it is visually unmistakable. Meaning, it requires no training, can make an impression in less than 1 second, can be authenticated in low light, and delivers visual effects that are quite frankly, mind-blowing.

And second, there are no commercially available products that can simulate these effects when combined in a security label or tag.

Don't your consumers and end users deserve this level of assurance?

Leveraging the TWO SIDES of your CONSUMER

Octane5 pioneered the use of a security hang tag and label to engage consumers to marketing-based security.

By leveraging the consumer’s affinity for the brand, we can “deputize the consumer” to help enforce the brand while gaining key consumer brand perception data.

Even stronger integrated with BrandComply

Counterfeit deterrence is only one piece of the puzzle. A THREADS program also delivers Contract Rights monitoring, Consumer Perception tracking and robust live reporting.