Welcome to Octane5.com! We are pleased that you stopped by to learn more about Octane5 and our industry-leading solution, BrandComply. Our relationship with the SPLiCE organization began with its inception of the first Licensors Summit in 2012. Octane5 became a Platinum Sponsor and has never looked back!

We applaud Kimberly Kociencki for her vision and perseverance!

-Mike Dunn, President

We believe in the mission of SPLiCE and the principles in which it is governed. Over the seven year history, Octane5 has become a leading solution provider to the membership group. We work with many SPLiCE member companies to bring them viable solutions. Our mission at Octane5; Empower Brands to Improve the World, aligns with the mindset of today’s global brands. 

Please enjoy your visit here. Below are summaries of recent presentations by our Founder, Mike Dunn. Contact us to learn more about how BrandComply can benefit your brand!

SPLiCE London Event | 2018 – “Reporting Trends, Communicating Up”

This presentation looks at the trends in the types of Reports that are trending with our client base. We leverage our extensive client portfolio and staff of licensing veterans to pull together KPI’s that drive better management of Performance, Risk, Efficiency and Perception. It also focuses on the types of information that resonate with senior leadership within a large company. These reports help measure and monitor strategic objectives apart from just measuring royalty performance, thus elevating the perception of licensing within the organization.

NBC Universal, London 2018

SPLiCE Las Vegas Event | 2018 -“Preparing For The Transparency Revolution”

The Transparency Revolution is a movement that is emerging who’s mission is to have Shareholders/Stakeholders, Government, NGO’s, and Consumers working in coordination to achieve a positive contribution to society. This “revolution” is going to have profound effects on the business of licensing in corporate brands. The presentation walks through: how to prepare, the “prep kit”, the tools of the trade, and ultimately delivering transparency. Contact us to learn more.

SPLICE San Diego Event | 2018 – “Data Driven Program Management: The P.R.E.P Method”

This presentation introduces the P.R.E.P. Method, created by Octane5 to deliver brands a quantifiable scoring system to evaluate all aspects of their brand licensing program: Performance, Risk, Efficiency and Perception. These four areas are the cornerstone to deliver results against the ultimate strategy for a brand licensing program. If your program is not revenue focused, then stop measuring success by royalties. Measure what matters! The P.R.E.P. Method is the way to do it. Contact us to learn more about how the P.R.E.P. Method can help define and manage against your licensing strategy.