BrandComply is focused on leveraging our integrated licensing management software platform to deliver solutions that work how you work.

Stop trying to fit into software buckets, and start working in an environment that will help you deliver the results you need to get your job done well.

Our team of licensing industry veterans have been in your seat. They understand the challenges and demands placed on you to deliver results. They also understand how to work smarter, faster and with the key objectives in mind. Whether your role is Category Manager, Contract Compliance, Product Compliance Specialist, or Business Unit Manager, we have been there. Our team is focused on helping you get your job done, not trying to squeeze your role into a single software module. So, stop talking to software vendors and instead talk to a technology partner.

BrandComply offers the only licensing enterprise system and royalties management software that provides actionable information from contract to consumer. All Licensing functions – from approvals, contract management, royalties to product security devices and consumer activation are all available within an integrated system. We even offer currency grade hologram stickers for authentic licensed merchandise.

ONE Integrated Solution – 100% Licensing Lifecycle Coverage:

See a holistic view of your entire licensing program with our integrated BrandComply Reporting!

  • Application Workflow
  • Contract Workflow
  • Contract Rights Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Product Approvals Workflow
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Royalty Management
  • Forecasting
  • Brand Protection
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Audit Tracker
  • Licensee Scorecard

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BC Mobile: Anywhere, Any Time!

Work the way you work! Ease of use is the single most important attribute of the BrandComply App. Technology should adapt to you, not vice versa!

The “ONE TOUCH” approvals process allows for a simple “swipe left, right, up and down” to either approve, disapprove, save for later or make a comment.

It is that easy and quick to make an approval on the go. Boarding a plane and need to approve a design? Just swipe! The BC Mobile Approvals App is the ultimate mobile tool for your licensing duties.

Check out one of our award winning shorts! And the Oscar goes to…

The iPhone offers unique capabilities that can actually make tasks quicker than utilizing your computer.

Meeting with a Licensee? Need quick access to their Rights? Easy! Just 3 Clicks!