The leaders at BrandComply are the pioneers of some of the leading holographic techniques being used in the licensing industry today.

However, in 2009, they saw the writing on the wall for holograms. This ubiquitous technology is rampant across China and India with countless suppliers. Consumers cannot tell the difference between good from bad. Infringers are actually putting holograms on products before the brands are even implementing their own. The technology can no longer be counted on to protect a product.

Thus, when the founders of Octane5 set out to invent what is next in licensing, they immediately formed a partnership with De La Rue, the world’s leading security printer and currency producer. This unique collaboration between the two organizations led to the invention of Threads™: the most secure and flexible hang tag and label technology ever introduced to the licensing industry.

Since its’ birth, Threads™ hang tags and stickers have become the leading technology in corporate licensing. Ask us how Threads™ can help protect and bring a higher level of compliance for your brand and connect you to your consumer. While we mourn the death of our shiny past, it is vital that brands evolve to the next generation of compliance device.

Your Brand is Built on Authenticity.

THREADS, trusted by more leading licensed brands.  

A Few of the Brands That Trust THREADS

Engage Your Consumer

5 Immutable laws of licensing [ #2 ]

Octane5 pioneered the use of a security device as a means of connecting with the licensed product consumer in 2008. Since then, “consumer engagement” has become the mantra of all security providers.

However, Octane5’s proprietary consumer engagement platform, aligned with consumer sentiment tracking, combined with licensee compliance tools makes it one of a kind in the industry. A QR code is only the small step into engagement. Its what happens next that makes Octane5 unique.